Neil Patrick Harris hijacked by Kevin Spacey at 2013 Emmy Awards

Neil Patrick Harris' 2013 Emmy Awards opening monologue didn't go exactly as viewers likely planned, but that's what made it all the better. After he started talking about how he's happy to be hosting, his speech quickly got interrupted by former host Jimmy Kimmel. "There's a good chance they won't ask you back next year," Kimmel says. "You know just something to think about. They didn't ask Jane Lynch back, that's all I'm saying." Of course, that was the perfect opportunity for Jane Lynch to walk on stage, which she did. "I wasn't asked back because I'm a woman," she quips. Harris shoots back, "I don't think anyone who saw you that night thought of you as a woman." Following behind Lynch's appearance was Jimmy Fallon -- "You've got to the song and dance thing like you did for the Emmys. Give them a little tippy-tappy." -- and Conan O'Brien -- "I hosted the Emmys...


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