Was anyone else unsatisfied by episode 18's ending?

I love House. In fact, it's one of my favorite shows... or it used to be, anyways. Season 4 was the height of its glory, and I always looked forward to the next episode's release. However, season 5 is, I feel, sadly empty of the driving force in the show. House is the same old static character that he was in season 1, and while his witticisms are wonderful... there's only so much you can do with a static, stubborn ass like House.

Take last week's episode, Here Kitty Kitty, for example. You have the typical start, where House becomes interested in the case of a patient that he believes to be a complete idiot. Then you have the filler, where we are unsure how House is going to explain the cat's seemingly mystical ability to predict who is going to die next. And last, House comes up with the answer to the illness while simultaneously proving his patient to be an idiot.

But there is something even less believable about this episode than all the rest. Do you honestly expect us to believe that the ONLY people who were running fevers or had heating blankets were the ones that were going to die the next day? And, even if other people in the nursing home had fevers or blankets, the only ones that the cat decided to get warmth from were the ones that just happened to be dying?

Now, I understand that this underscores the fact that House is a stubborn ass... but why is it that everyone seems to just accept this explanation without even questioning its scientific validity? In the good 'ol days, House would've come up with this explanation, been shot down by his associates, and stubbornly contemplated it through the night while popping Vicodin. But now everyone just accepts that House is God and knows everything, and don't bother to challenge him. From a character standpoint, this is understandable. From a series standpoint, CONFLICT is the reason that we watch shows. And without that conflict, and a SATISFACTORY conclusion, what is the point? Perhaps the glory days of House are indeed over, and it is time for us to move on to shows that spend more time thinking through their plot instead of trying to throw in as many sarcastic comments as possible. Or perhaps, better yet, maybe it's time to get off the couch altogether and dig that old bike out of the attic. Remember to smile inwardly as you imagine House hobbling out and scowling at you for your athletic *ahem* ability. ;-)


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Apr 4, 2009 11:39AM EDT

tru dat!I love House but last two episodes quite disappointing. I feel they're making it too fantastical! Eh?

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