Is 'Castle' the best drama on television?

Forget the Emmys. Forget all of the lists that place cable dramas like "Breaking Bad," "Game of Thrones" and "Mad Men" among the best TV programs of all time. "Castle," a light and fun network procedural that has never won a single major award, may be the best of them all.No, seriously. And the "Castle" Season 6 premiere makes an excellent case for this rather unusual statement. The rest of the series isn't so bad either.Fun TV can be good TVOne thing that most "Best TV Shows" lists have in common is that they are kind of depressing. And by kind of depressing, I mean really depressing. If you don't hate humanity or yourself after watching "The Wire," for example, that's a problem in itself. Your average "great show" therefore may be brilliant, but it's kind of a downer at the same time."Castle" has neither this problem nor this distinction. Sure, there's a tense...


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