'Castle' interview: Lisa Edelstein on guest-starring as Beckett's new mentor

The "Castle" Season 6 premiere features a big guest star -- Lisa Edelstein of "House" will appear as Agent Rachel McCord in the first three episodes of the new season. While many of the specifics about Edelstein's character are top-secret, she does interact with both Beckett (Stana Katic) and Castle (Nathan Fillion) in the premiere, "Valkyrie."But who is this McCord character? Check out this interview with Edelstein for some clues.What can you say about your "Castle" role?Lisa Edelstein: I play a brilliant woman who serves as a mentor to Beckett.I can't really say what we're doing together -- which makes it very challenging. I would say that McCord really challenges Beckett to push what it is that she wants and expects out of a career. That's definitely going to challenge Beckett in whole new ways.How would you describe going to work on the show?Lisa Edelstein: Fantastic! What a fantastic group of people, truly. They...



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