'Bones' review: A couple once more in 'The Cheat in the Retreat'

Thank goodness Booth and Brennan are happy again! After the "Bones" season premiere episode -- in which the central relationship was terribly strained and uncomfortable -- it's nice to see the couple all functional again in "The Cheat in the Retreat."Granted, it takes a murder and the assumption of their Tony and Roxie aliases to truly accomplish this, but we take what we can get. And the results really are quite entertaining.Plus, there's a sumo suit. You can't go wrong with a sumo suit.Tony and Roxie catch killers!This week's remains are discovered by a couple of wisecracking animal-control officers (did you know a bobcat can be thought of as "a cat named Bob"?). Hodgins finds this all to be very entertaining, especially when they find the victim's head in a tree.The scientist is even happy when bobcat poop falls on his face.Thanks to the presence of an odd disease, the scientists and cops find...



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