'Hostages' series premiere: Kill the president or your family dies

"Hostages" did precisely what it should in Monday's (Sept. 23) pilot: hook the audience and make us wonder how this thriller can possibly sustain itself.The tense drama stars ToniCollette as Dr. Ellen Sanders, a thoracic surgeon about to operate on the president of the United States (James Naughton). Work would be stressful enough, but that's nothing compared to what she has going on at home: A well-armed band of four breaks in and hold her family hostage.Led by Dylan McDermott as rogue FBI Special Agent Duncan Carlisle, they have one demand: Dr. Sanders must kill the president during the operation. If she does not, they will kill her family.That's the premise, and it's a great one, making the audience consider which matters more: Your family or your country.The show opens with the family -- Ellen, her husband, Brian (Tate Donovan), and children Morgan and Jake (Quinn Shephard, Mateus Ward) crowded onto the couch, held at gunpoint....



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