'WWE RAW' Sept. 23: CM Punk returns, Daniel Bryan stands tall

When "WWE RAW'" went off the air last week, the good guys rallied and took out Triple H's hired muscle, The Shield. The show ended with Daniel Bryan being paraded around the ring on the shoulders of his fellow wrestlers. Of course, Triple H and Stephanie McMahon can't let that stand, because they're the bad guys.The big news: Triple H kicks off the show, which is becoming all too normal. He's out with Stephanie as the guys who saved Bryan last week wait on the stage. The McMahons (Triple H is kind of a McMahon at this point) congratulate the good guys on making an impact. When Rob Van Dam lets them know it was because they were fighting for Bryan because he got screwed, Triple H and Stephanie don't believe it.They make a legitimate argument that the wrestlers should be fighting for themselves, instead of Bryan and even rewards them with an 11-on-3 tag...



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