'The Blacklist': Will you watch James Spader track down more bad guys?

"The Blacklist" may have been one of the most solid pilots to hit network television this fall. With James Spader killing it as the nefarious (but awfully fun) Red Reddington and Megan Boone solid as the young agent Red inexplicably wants to work with, this thriller could be a hit for NBC.The question is, however, will the audiences tune in?It's not like the show is perfect or anything. It isn't. Other than Red and Boone's Agent Liz Keene, none of the main characters have much to distinguish them by the end of the pilot. Maybe we want to know a little bit more about Liz's possibly-evil husband, but the crowd of FBI agents was made up of fairly indistinguishable G-men.Hopefully, "The Blacklist" will right this wrong within a few episodes. There was so much happening in the pilot, after all, that massive character development for the secondaries just had to wait.In a positive sign...



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