Peaky Blinders Series 1 Episode 2 (BBC2) Review

Starting off so incredibly strong in its first episode could have turned out to be a bad thing for BBC2’s new drama, Peaky Blinders, but thankfully this follow-up doesn’t remotely let the side down. It’s still stylish, fun and engaging, and this second episode focuses more on the characters we met last week.

The first thing to mention is that we actually see the Peaky Blinders do some peaky blinding. It’s brutal yet lovingly shot – a description that could be applied to the show in general. The fight with a gang of gypsy travellers is the first part of a deal Tommy is trying to establish with Billy Kimber, whose attention has been brought to the Shelby family over their business at the race track. You can tell from the final confrontation that Tommy is in over his head, but that doesn’t seem to deter him any.

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