Low Winter Sun Season 1 Review “There Was a Girl”

After several hours spent slowly building the tension, “There Was a Girl” pushed Low Winter Sun into the final leg of the season. With the first major crossover between the cop and criminal characters, as well as an answer to the question that is Joe Geddes, the narrative kicked into full swing this week, despite some clunky dialogue and weak scenes.

After a season-long investigation, worlds finally collided in a big way as Agnew brought Damon in for questioning regarding Khalil’s case and the murder of McCann. There was certainly tension in seeing whether or not Agnew and Geddes could get a confession out of Damon, but these scenes were a bit flat because, well, the focus was on Damon. I know, I mention it on a weekly basis, but Damon has just come across as a dull character all season. When he was talking about running away to Florida and leaving the criminal life behind, I found myself hoping he might just do it.

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