Sleepy Hollow Season 1 Review “Blood Moon”

The plot is thickening on Sleepy Hollow. I wasn’t as interested in the mystery during the pilot episode, but as we find out more about both Ichabod and Abbie, I find myself slowly being pulled in. The Horseman was mostly absent in this episode, but there were plenty of other undead, creepy evildoers to fill his spot.

Ichabod’s wife Katrina appeared to him in a dream to warn him that an evil witch was about to be resurrected. Apparently, the evil witch was the first of many that would bring all kinds of mayhem in preparation for the Apocalypse. In order for her to rise, the witch needed to collect the ashes of the descendants of the people who burned her at the stake. After killing them and collecting their ashes, she had the resurrected (and creepy-looking) Officer Andy dig up her bones. Ichabod and Abbie were close on her tail trying to stop her from becoming fully restored, but they were too late. However, due to some quick thinking on Ichabod’s part, she didn’t get a chance to hang around Sleepy Hollow too long.



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