Blair Witch TV

I had hoped this would be the MythBusters of hauntings but this show, like its predecessor Ghost Hunters, ultimately propagates myth rather than bust it. Sure they put on a good show of approaching each project with a critical eye and debunking the most obviously false bits of legend but when the lights go out they all become irrational.

The two women on the team seem to jump at every shadow, panic at every nervous twitch of muscle, and scream at every unexpected thump. Such qualities would seem unbecoming of someone charged with rational analysis of events but they lend themselves well to spooking television viewers.

After watching four investigations I saw the same result each time. The only physical evidence gathered was what the investigators call an EVP. Basically an unexplained noise (i.e. supposedly not uttered by any of the investigators) on the recording which is perceived, especially with prompting, as a whispered word. Curiously, though the results were the same in each case, the team reached different conclusions. Half were deemed inconclusive and the rest definitely haunted. Go figure.

Ultimately, what we're left with is a European travelogue filmed in the same night-vision cinema verite of The Blair Witch Project and that can't be too bad.


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