Catfish Recap: Witch Hunts and Open Relationships

Nev and Max must get it wrong sometimes. There must be Catfish episodes they’ve shot and shelved because it turned out that the circumstances just weren’t that dramatic, with no crazies involved and an ending that was neither fairy tale nor train wreck. That was my takeaway from last night's lackluster episode, anyway, but at least Nev and Max tried to up the drama with their own theories.


The setup seemed ripe for the picking: Nick and Melissa met when they were 12 in the time-honored romantic tradition of Tila Tequila chat rooms. (That’ll make the Viacom suits happy!) For the last six years, Nicholas and Melissa have helped each other brave the tougher moments of life — from self-harm rehab to death in the family — growing up along the way. Now Nick wants more from his “first love” before he ships off from Florida to Texas for college. The two have video-chatted no more than a couple of times, mostly owing to Nicholas’s lack of a webcam, but it certainly doesn’t help that for the last seven months, Iowa-based Melissa has lived with her boyfriend Olin. Nicholas seems only slightly deterred by this, noting that Melissa continually mentions what an ass he is and that she only lives there because she has nowhere else to go.  Read More...


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