Is It Worth Saving?

While the concept (Quantum Leap with domestic and social consequence) and the cast are superb, the writing leaves much to be desired.

Early episodes presented surprising twist endings but they were quickly scrapped for easy-to-follow neatly wrapped melodrama. While the dramatic conflicts are resolved far too quickly the sci-fi aspects take the back burner leaving the built-in geek audience for the show with nothing to obsess over.

Ultimately, I choose to give the show the benefit of the doubt and believe that the answers are/were coming. While not my favorite show by a long stretch it kept me happy while waiting for the next Lost or Heroes. I'd welcome the show's return, but should it not may it rest in peace.



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Jan 6, 2009 9:27AM EST

I don't think the concept is like Quantum Leap at all. The method used for time travelling is completely different. Journeyman traveled after something went off in his brain, whereas QL traveled to predetermined places, both in time & geographically, in order to rescue someone or attempt to change history. The JM story never evolved to revel what in his brain caused the travelling or the specific reason for his timetravelling, i.e.-rescue/change history.
Scott Bakula's character had a controller with some type of device that jumped them BOTH from time to time & place to place for a specific reason. He also was a wiseacre with him always attempting to be humorous, which he wasn't.
As for the writing, from the start I could tell that this was a low-budget production, but I enjoyed the show & was disappointed that it didn't get renewed. JM had a good sized fan base & I'm curious as what NBC used to gauge whether or not to renew the show.
Today, with practically the entire population having access to the internet via PC or cellphone, the networks should have a "vote" button on their websites for each TV show instead of using some outdated method tallying the number of viewers like the Nielsen ratings.
One last thing~ A bonus to the show was that JM had one of the most beautiful women I've ever seen, even though she was supposed to be about 80 years old, in the lady that played Livia.


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Jul 8, 2009 6:57PM EDT

yeah, we've seen this concept before, man travels to another time to sortout things that the higher power deems to have gone astray.
This isn't Quantum leap the main differences being sam (scott baculas character I think was called sam) "jumped" into the body of the subject he was trying to help and that persons "soul" was placed into sams body in the future.
Sam's friend al was in sam's real present with sam's own body which was "possessed" by the subject. Al got information from the subject and relayed that info to sam along with info from research he had done when he had identified the subject.
Al appeared to sam as a hologram that only he could hear and see.
the real differences between sam and dan's characters is that sam from Q.L. never returned to his own space and time, never stayed in his own body and jumped from one subject to the next without a break.
I enjoyed journeyman I have watched them all in about a month.the concept is good ,the writing was a bit cheesy and I felt as if I was being talked down to a little but all-in-all pretty good I thought, shame to see it go (that's not quite accurate-it's a same to find a show I like and watch them all knowing there will not be any answers to the questions! very strange feeling!)
I love the internet for giving me the opportunity to view things like this. After they are dead and gone.
What I can't stand is it gives people like "yredriver" above a platform to relay inaccuracy as fact.
if "yredriver" had acctually paid attention to either show he/she would have seen that the headache thing was a side-effect of the "travelling" like the side effect the other guy said he had the numb hands and that scott baculas character didn't have anybody with him.
But I would agree that the system our tv stations use to base their figures on is outdated.
anyway I'm off to bed!
love and luck to all

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