'The Goldbergs' review: It screams family-centric comedy

Welcome to another installment of"5 Questions and 500 Words," The Boob Tube Dude's approach this year to reviewing the sundry pilots that will be unspooling over the course of the next few weeks. Given the glut of shows, and the glut of reviews that will be published for these shows, I'm keeping things short and sweet. This is for your convenience and my sanity."The Goldbergs" premieres at 9 p.m. ET Tuesday (Sept. 24) on ABC.I'm old enough to remember watching "The Wonder Years." Is this going to make me want to punch things?Absolutely not, since comparing the two shows really does a disservice to both. They might sound like similar entities, separated only by the decades depicted therein. Sure, setting this show in the 1980's means audience members my age will get that Buzzfeed-esque rush of "Ooooh, I remember that thing from that time!" But "The Wonder Years" was quirky, somber, and sad atop simply being a warm...



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