'Lucky 7' review: A few strong pieces in search of a greater whole

The out-of-nowhere success of "Lost" in 2004-05 spawned a bunch of shows that attempted to replicate its formula in one way or another. There were the obvious, sci fi-tinged shows like ABC's "Invasion," CBS' "Threshold" and NBC's "Heroes" that looked to capitalize on a perceived appetite for "Lost's" more fantastical elements.Some others, though, ditched the supernatural and went for the human side of "Lost": following characters who were bound together by a life-changing event. Shows like "The Nine," "Reunion" and to a lesser extent "Six Degrees" (which eschewed the "life-changing event" part to explore other, more esoteric connections). What they all had in common was that, with the exception of "Heroes" for its first couple of seasons, none of them really clicked with viewers.ABC's new series "Lucky 7," which premieres at 10 p.m. ET Tuesday (Sept. 24), calls to mind those earlier shows, both for the way it's set up and for the unfortunate fact...



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