'19 Kids and Counting': The Duggars say goodbye to Josh, hello to farm animals

At the end of last week's premiere,Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar had left their eldest son Josh and his family stranded without their belongings in their new house outside of Washington, D.C. Type A Josh had moaned about Jim Bob's relaxed "Duggar Time" being an obvious culprit in the situation. So how quickly do Jim Bob and the rest of the Duggars make it to D.C. on this episode of "19 Kids and Counting?" Quickly enough. And we get a second episode immediately after, involving farm animals. But one episode at a time, right?Once the rest of the Duggar clan arrives, they also bring with them some of the members of the Bates family to help, giving them 27 pairs of hands to help move Josh and Anna in. As Anna says, "I'm not quite sure how many Duggars and Bates it takes to get a couch through the door... I know it probably takes at least 4 to...



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