Lucky 7 Season 1 Review “Pilot”

After a summer long ad campaign, the series premiere of Lucky 7 introduced us to a group of service station workers who, after years of trying, collectively win the lottery. This was easily ABC’s most hyped show beside from Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., so I was interested to see if it was worth the months-long push for viewers. Fortunately, the show is off to a fun start, though where it goes from here remains the big question.

The first half of the episode served the usual function of a pilot episode, namely introducing all of the characters. For the most part, there wasn’t a lot of room for depth this early on, but these scenes were handled well enough. The characters were painted with broad strokes; there’s the ex-convict, the new dad, the single mom and several other stock types. However, giving them a bit more life was the fact that every character was in some sort of trouble or bad situation, something that will remain a problem for them even with the money. Samira’s parents want her to agree to an arranged marriage, while Nicky, the ex-con, owes money to some of his former associates.



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