Survivor Blood vs. Water “Rule in Chaos”

After last week’s stellar 90-minute premiere, Survivor returned tonight with the very exciting “Rule in Chaos”. It’s crazy that we’re 27 seasons in, and I’m still just as excited for eight o’ clock on Wednesday nights as I’ve always been! I don’t know how much longer CBS will want to keep Survivoraround, but as long as it’s as good as this then I won’t complain.

There wasn’t a whole lot of information to glean out of the pre-challenge scenes. It was mostly just the Redemption Island occupants complaining, and Colton being Colton (we’ll get to that later). After Brad imparted the advice from his wife Monica last week, it cracks me up that Monica is continuing to give out little nuggets of wisdom to Colton this week. Monica, you came in 14th place in your season. Stop talking to everybody like you’re an old pro!



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