Nashville Season 2 Episode 1 Review “I Fall to Pieces”

After the melodrama of Nashville’s first season finale, this episode, ‘I Fall to Pieces’ had a lot of mess to clean up. There was the results of Rayna and Deacon’s car accident, Scarlett’s answer to Gunnar’s proposal and Peggy’s pregnancy, to name a few, and most of the issues that have been plaguingNashville fans all summer have now been sorted out.

But that doesn’t mean we’re without excitement, however, as Rayna lies in a coma and Deacon faces hard jail time after letting the court believe he was driving the car. The only one on his side is sweet, loyal Scarlett; while everyone else is too busy worshiping St. Rayna with candles and tributes outside the hospital. Deacon is in an even worse state than he was last year, still reeling from the baby-daddy revelations and letting himself believe that he killed Rayna just so he can hate himself on an appropriate level. Flashbacks to their younger days helped flesh things out, but mostly they just meant that Connie Britton would be in the episode.



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