'NTSF:SD:SUV::' heads to London in 2-part 'U-KO'ed': Next? Maybe space

"NTSF:SD:SUV::" is about to take viewers somewhere they've never been on the Adult Swim show: the United Kingdom. Well, they sort of do, anyway.The series' half-hour event episode, titled "U-KO'ed," was filmed in London despite the fact the episode is supposed to be set in San Diego's Little Britain.The special two-part episode will have the San Diego-based National Terrorism Strike Force unit meet their Little Britain counterparts, the Socialist Terrorism Task Force: United Kingdom: Double Decker Bus (STTF:UK:DDB::). The UK special spoofs the likes of "Sherlock" and "Luther," and memorably features British star Karen Gillan putting on her best Rhode Island accent (it's actually quite good). Now that creator Paul Scheer convinced Adult Swim to ship him and his cast off to London for an episode that's supposed to be set in the United States, where does the cast want the show to go next? "To outer space. I mean, where else?" "NTSF" star and Scheer's real-life wife...



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