I don't wanna grow Up I'm a Heroes fan forever!

Yes Ladies and Gentlemen this is a spoiler. So don't look at this then come

bitch about how I ruined the episode for you. I am warning you. Okay. You

get it cupcake.

Al right last night's Episode contained something that I haven't seen in Heroes in a veeeeeerrrrrry long time. Intellect. Yes, I went there. For the past couple of weeks the characters ran with less knowledge than chickens with their heads cut off. Lets start with Claire. What is your problem. Yes your life is complicated. And boohoo, your dad was never really there. Don't you see that the world is about to change forever. You don't notice the dead people scattered around on the ground. Then you do stupid stuff to increase the amount of death around. Do what people tell you to do stop being a nuisance. Hold the Teenage angst.

Last nights episode also accomplished something for a change. None of that "to be continued next week" crappy crapsters. Sadly I still think parkman is as emotional as a 14 year old girl. Who cares you and fasty mcfast pants are meant to be together. Whatever!!!!!!!! They should really have him do something important for a change. Make him evil. That would be cool. Give him a split personality. change him into a woman/ I don't care. Just do anything to stop me from crying in pain whenever the story switches to him. Gosh he is such a loser. His gift is so coooool. He SUuuuucks. Sorry about that guys, but really.

Ando kicks anus. Yes I said it. I love his new power. Don't really know what he could do. " Oh no my cell phone is dead. Wait look its super Ando the recharge guy" He is such a lovable character. Happy he finally has something. Also he is one of the few smart people on the show. I even enjoyed his character without powers. Thats how great he is.Great development.

Hiro.Hiro Hiro. I used to love his character. He was so cool so cute. I feel the writers have forgotten what to write for him. It seems that he is always doing something wrong. I kinda like that but it kinda upsets me. Remember those good ol time when Hiro would accidently do things right, now its the opposite.

Yes ladies and gents Nathan. Yes our Nathan grew a bcakbone last night. hell yeah. You know how we all grew to know Nathan as a pawn or as a domino peice to place where ever we needed. Not anymore. Nathan said screw you Peter. I am so tired of you messing things up for us all the time. Or for being so stupid. (Mind you Nathan is pretty stupid as well) He <sniff sniff> gave the President a list of People with Powers. Nice maneuver Mozart. What does Nathan want to Happen.

If you don't know

you are an idiot.

I am just kidding. I don't know either. Now for my favorite character


SYLAR is sooooooo cool. He is the only character I like. He is human and funny and sweet. and pwerful. And i just know that we are meant to be together forever. yay sylar. OKAY but really. He is one of the smartest characters. I am not bored when he is on the screen. I was afraid that if he gained tooo much power < I know hard to be lieve there is such a thing as tooo much power> that he would be useless. There would be no more need for character development. His story now is getting complicated. I am geting tired of the " oh I am sad because they lied about who my parents are and it sucks sooooooooo bad" but they make up for it by giving him some really good zingers, Just the right amount for a bad guy. I wish him and Peter could get together and just like become best friends. You know, go lazer tagging or freeze tag or bowling. But i understand that would be impossible now with the whole killing peters father and almost peters mother. But hey a girl can dream. Loves for sylar.

Now for Peter

He is sooooo boring without power. Now he can fly. Or maybe its the same power as before.ooooooooooh maybe this injection helps those that have powers increase that one power. Like Peter already have on. What would happen to those


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