'Revolution' Season 2 premiere - 'Born in the USA': The land of magic fireflies

The power did not stay on for long, it is apparent within a few seconds of "Revolution's" second-season premiere. But those few minutes of electricity at the end of last season have set up what could be a fundamentally different show. Whether it's a fundamentally better show? That's an open question. But in shifting the focus from a quest to getting things back the way they were to living in the world as it is, there is a chance to open up "Revolution" to some interesting storytelling.So we should probably start at the end, right? It's not every day that you see someone come back from the dead, as Aaron does in the final shot, presumably thanks to the nanites/magic fireflies that gathered around him earlier. After being slashed across the chest by a member of what Miles calls a "war clan,"* Aaron dies for a while. Just not for good.(*"Cult" might be a better...



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