Terminator Retrospective: T2 Review - Featured

In honor of Terminator Salvation, I will be taking a look back at the three Terminator films as this is a franchise I've known since I could crawl and love deeply. Each day we'll bring you a review of all three films before capping it off with my full review of Terminator Salvation. Today is all about the film that redefined what it was to be a sequel, Terminator 2.


I'm going to preface this by saying telling my now infamous Terminator story that this film inspired. While I barely remember the film being released in theaters, I do remember buying a bunch of the toys because my six-year old self became infatuated with the T-800. Three years after the theatrical release, Terminator 2 would finally make its way to my house via VHS. My brother and I huddled around the television and had our eyes glued to our big screen television as James Cameron's epic wowed us. I don't remember what day it was, but after that day a few things were certain; I had fallen in love and felt my calling in life was to make films. From that day, every minute in school felt like it was one too many before I could get home and watch Terminator 2 again with my brother. We knew every line, acted out every part, and would devote almost all of our time playing the SNES and Genesis games. It was official, we were Terminator junkies of the highest caliber. I couldn't stop thinking about the film to where all the doodles on the side of my notebook paper in third grade consisted of some variation of myself as a T-800. I had even dressed as one that Halloween after my father found the make-up and did a stunning job making me look just like it (of course, later that night some woman undermined the look by commenting on my friends store bought Wolverine costume while saying "You're just a cyborg" to me. Bitch.)

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