'Survivor: Blood vs. Water': Rupert Boneham battles at Redemption Island

It's time for the first elimination on "Survivor: Blood vs. Water" -- who do you think will go home out of Rupert, Candice and Marissa?Redemption IslandIt should be against the rules to call the first vote a "blindside." How can you be blindsided at the first Tribal Council, especially if you haven't formed an alliance yet? Guess what -- if you haven't formed an alliance, there is one that you're not a part of.Interestingly, at challenge time, everybody is crying about their loved ones being safe or voted out, in Gervase's case. Geez, you guys. It's been one day! Stop crying!Marissa informs the returnees that she was voted out pretty much because of Gervase's celebrating at the challenge and he just vows to keep doing it. OK, then. He also doesn't take her place in the challenge. The challenge is moving wooden spools through an upright maze and stacking them on top. The first two...



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