Rundown: Episode 12, "It's a Wonderful Lie"

Last time we hung out with the kids from Gossip Girl, it was Thanksgiving and things seemed to be mellowing out. Jenny stopped with the divorcing of the parents and moved back in with Rufus, Serena and Aaron settled in to an exclusive relationship, Blair got to see her dad, and Chuck and Nate made nice.

But now that the mini-break is over, the drama's starting up again, and this week's episode is basically a slow build to the annual Snowflake Ball, where everyone eventually turns up one way or another. I'm not gonna lie, I was a little bored with this one - but I think next week will be really good, so it's probably worth it. There's plenty to chat about so let's get started. Just read more.


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Dec 2, 2008 7:28PM EST

Hey,I agree that this episode was a little boring.I loved the little game/bet between Chuck and Blair, though.What I found more than weird was Nate's argumentation. Come on, "I thought you were a different person!" As if he wasn't responsible for Jenny acting like she did. I don't think he should be judging anyone cause after all, he's the one sticking his tongue down other people's throats, obviously not caring too much about the consequences. I mean, Vanessa, the Dutchess, that girl in Yale, Jenny, then Vanessa again. Can't he see, that Jenny fell in love with him, got jealous, felt betrayed by Vanessa and (let's not forget) is only 15. Plus, I don't think the shine trough dress was all that embarrassing. He apparently just wanted out of this the easy way, which I cannot really understand if what he wrote in the letter was true.I really hate Nate with Vanessa. They do not fit at all.

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