Glee Season 5 Episode 1 Review “Love, Love, Love”

Of course he said yes! You may have guessed it, or you may already have been spoiled, but Glee’s first episode back featured the most over-the-top proposal since Will donned that top hat in the McKinley swimming pool. God knows, we needed some levity, and ‘Love, Love, Love’ admirably distracted us from the dark cloud that will be hanging over the show for the next three weeks.

We start off with Rachel’s Funny Girl call-back, the most anticipated moment before the summer’s events, and it’s pretty certain that, if Rachel doesn’t get the part out-right, she’ll at least be an understudy. The producer feels that she’s too young and green to play Fanny, but Rachel disagrees and shows them how wrong they are with a brilliant performance of ‘Hard Day’s Night’ in Spotlight diner, her new place of employment. Next week we’ll meet Demi Lovato’s Dani, who also works there, and I’m looking forward to lots of Rachel-Santana time.



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