Low Winter Sun Season 1 Review “Revelations”

There was a feeling that Low Winter Sun was spinning its wheels this week. For an episode called “Revelations,” there really wasn’t a whole lot of new information this week. Add on top of that several courtroom scenes that added little to the story and more of the strange imagery the show seems fascinated with, and this was a rather uneven episode helped a bit by an above average ending.

Upfront, I’ll get the Damon stuff out of the way. In a move that surprised no one, he made another terrible call. When the big crime boss showed up and threatened to kill Maya’s children if he ever ratted him out, Damon decided it was time to take on an actual kingpin. It’s such a great plan coming from the failed criminal that lost a firefight with another small gang. Maya’s plan to just take the kids and run was the far smarter one, though given Damon’s history I doubt he’ll go along.




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