Downton Abbey Series 4 Episode 2 (ITV) Review

Now that we’re officially over the death of Matthew, Downton Abbey can back to what it does best – offer up a weekly does of tedium with a side of heart-warming sweetness. We barely see Mary this week, after all of that heavy grief in episode one, and the action this week largely concerns the servants and their various entanglements.

We’re not done with Molesley despite his lack of job at Downton, and Anna and Bates are forced to help him out when they see him so down on his luck. I can’t think it’ll be too long before he’s back in the servant’s hall at Downton, but for now at least he’s got friends in fortunate places. Bates claims it’s his skills learned in prison that allowed him to get Molesley 30 pounds but it was, in fact, his learned ability to ask the family for cash whenever someone’s in need. These guys talk a lot about speaking out of turn, and maybe it’s a sign of changing times, but that seemed awfully cheeky.



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