Once Upon A Time Season 3 Review “Heart of the Truest Believer”

In last night’s season three premiere of Once Upon a Time, we pick up with Emma, Regina, Hook, Rumplestiltskin, Snow, and Charming sailing into Neverland to find Henry. We learn that Neal has survived and is recuperating in the Enchanted Forest, which suggests we’ll have another storyline of Neal trying to get to Neverland. Feels familiar.

Emma’s exceptionally high strung and not in the mood for parenting advice from Snow and Charming. She reminds them that they are all the same age, and that she has acquired just as much life wisdom as them. This conversation was long overdue. It’s a tribute to the actors that Snow and Charming seem parental in relation to Emma, despite their same ages. Hopefully, part of the story this year will be Snow and Charming learning to relate to Emma in a different way than they currently do. It far too late for them to try and raise her. Emma is right that she has her own experiences that have formed her outlook on the world. Part of that experience involved her decision to give up Henry, which is what the show focuses on in the opening scene.




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