'Elementary' Season 2 premiere: Holmes sees Lestrade, brother Mycroft while on 'Step Nine' in London

On the Season 2 premiere of "Elementary," Holmes and Watson travel to merry old England to help out an old friend of Sherlock's and end up having a memorable encounter with Holmes' brother Mycroft while there. The case of the week is tied to Inspector Lestrade, a character from the Holmes novels who, in this iteration, reveled in the fame he received by working alongside Holmes at Scotland Yard and ended up spiraling a bit out of control. A case where Lestrade accused the son of a high-powered newspaper owner of murdering his wife is what was finally he downfall and now Holmes rides to the rescue, partially out of a sense of obligation and guilt for not helping control Lestrade when the fame was going to his head. Naturally, Holmes and Watson prove that the man did kill his wife, thereby vindicating Lestrade -- but, like any addict who has not sought help yet,...



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