I love The L Word

Carmen coming back would be the icing on the cake, but you know that won't happen. it's too much like right. Serioulsy, if you were left at the altar by the love of your life, excluding you from the job and friends you've gained as a result of that intense relationship, not to mention the embarrassment, would you want that person back? How can you even begin to forgive? Now granted, Shane has grown up a bit since taking care of Shay, but too much time has passed. I'm sure someone has snatched Carmen up by now (wouldn't you?). And in real life, unless Sara Shahi's (Carmen)show Life gets cancelled, she won't be in need of another job. Plus I wanna see how far this straight-girl crush that Shane has for Molly will go. You feel me? SHARMEN 4 LIFE, but a future SMOLLY fan.


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