Glee Recap: Nothing You Can Sing That Can’t Be Sung

Last night on Glee, two boys got engaged. There was kissing and crying and a whole lot of pomp and circumstance; it was treated exactly the way a proposal between a boy and a girl would’ve been treated, and that, in and of itself, is pretty damn cool.


But on top of all that, it was a strong hour of Glee: fun, vibrant, and (against all odds) aware of continuity and character development. And if some of the vocal arrangements felt too derivative, well, then, at least they were derivative of the Beatles, and everyone likes the Beatles. Preemptively: If you’re about to make the blanket statement that you don’t like the Beatles, think really carefully about whether you’re willing to be that scowling guy wearing a black turtleneck on the beach in the middle of July. Don’t be that guy. No one likes that guy.  Read More...


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