'Haven': 'Bad Blood' tells the truth about the bar(n)

Not even a Trouble involving independently roving killer blood could keep "Haven" from giving fans a glimpse at the truth in "Bad Blood." We now know where Lexie/Audrey is. Closing time at the bar(n)We've known something weird was going on with William (Colin Ferguson) for awhile now. If nothing else, the guy is way too mysterious to not have secrets up the wazoo. Plus, he obviously knows Lexie (Emily Rose) is also Audrey (also Emily Rose), even if he can't tell her that right away.What we didn't know is that the bar isn't real.Did you notice before that no one ever said where the barn is? Or that Lexie's shift never ends? As it turns out, none of that was an accident. Instead, Lexie is in some weird, alcoholic limbo. None of it -- not even the people -- is real.The only real parts are William (probably) and Lexie herself. That's because Lexie/Audrey never...



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