'Breaking Bad' series finale - 'Felina': The end for Walter White

Walter White was never going to walk into the sunset at the end of "Breaking Bad." But in its own perverse way, the series gave him a version of a happy ending.It wasn't a sellout, it wasn't a reversal of anything that had come before it. But thanks to one final, ingenious plan, he does get to see what he hoped for when he first set out with Jesse Pinkman in an RV. His family will (presumably) be taken care of, Jesse is a free man, and he gets to die close to the thing he loved.About the only ones who could probably be disappointed with the "Breaking Bad" series finale might have been those folks who were holding out hope for a follow-up movie, despite creator Vince Gilligan repeatedly saying the story would have a definitive end. The first reaction is that the series finale, like the show that preceded it, will go down...



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