Eastbound & Down Season Premiere Recap: Going Full Heisendouche

Guys! Thank God the Internet means that things last forever, because I completely forgot what last happened on Eastbound & Down. Full disclosure: Like the rest of Everyone Ever, I am coming off the Breaking Bad series finale. (And then, like people with full and gregarious social lives, a “cream cheese challenge” episode of Iron Chef America.)


While we got a quick bump of Danny McBride’s Kenny-ish routine in This Is the End this summer (“When I came into your magazine, it was a cum for help”), this season picks up with a setup episode: A neutered and spayed Kenny listening to NPR in the Shelby suburbs and working at a rental car joint. Having faked his own death at the end of last season, he settled down with April, Toby, and daughter Shana. He lets his Ole Boy boss bitch-slap him and ignores the taunts of obnoxious tattooed Youngs in the lane next to him. He does whatever April says. He is season-one Walter White.   Read More...



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