'How I Met Your Mother': Does Ted already know the Mother is on her way?

Near the end of "How I Met Your Mother's" Season 9 premiere, Ted (Josh Radnor) sits in a hotel bar by himself and says, "I'm coming back, and I'm bringing you."The scene then segues to the same spot a year later, where Ted recounts his state of mind at the time to his soon-to-be wife (Cristin Milioti). "Wait a second," she says. "One year ago today you hadn't even met me." "I know. But I knew I would," Ted replies.It's a sweet moment for the couple -- but it also got us thinking: Could Ted already be anticipating meeting the Mother in more than just some abstract way? Consider how the mother even ends up in Farhampton at Barney (Neil Patrick Harris) and Robin's (Cobie Smulders) wedding. Last season's episode "Band or DJ" first established the wedding date as May 25, 2013. It also laid out the circumstances by which the Mother ends up playing...



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