'Hostages' Toni Collette knows you're asking 'why doesn't she kill him?'

The beauty of the CBS drama "Hostages" is that last week's pilot left us in suspense, and the actors and producers promise they are trying to keep that tension going for the series' 15 episodes."How can you sustain a show like that?" asks Dylan McDermott,who stars as rogue FBI agent Duncan Carlisle. "We don't understand it. That in itself is kind of interesting because everyone is asking the same question."The Monday, Sept. 30, episode, "Invisible Leash," continues that tautness.Set in Washington, D.C., "Hostages" revolves around an assassination attempt on the president. Rather than have a sniper take him out, here those who want him dead try enlisting a thoracic surgeon to do the dirty deed.Dr. Ellen Sanders (Toni Collette, "United States of Tara") thwarted the assassins at the end of the pilot."Why doesn't she kill him?" Collette asks Zap2it. "Because there would be no TV show. That's a good question: How could anyone live with...



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