'We Are Men': Will Jerry O'Connell and Tony Shalhoub get you back in the pool?

CBS debuted one of several new fall comedies Monday night (Sept. 30) in "We Are Men" -- what did you think? For as meathead-y as the show could be at times, we thought there were several bright spots that kept this show from being a throwaway "Two and a Half Men" retread. First off, it's not a multi-camera comedy with a laugh track and/or live audience, which automatically makes it feel more "now" than a lot of other CBS comedies in recent years. Secondly. the cast is infinitely likable. The characters may not always be, but we have always enjoyed Kal Penn and Tony Shalhoub in particular, and Jerry O'Connell can be a lot of fun. Plus, relative newcomer Chris Smith is an affable, charming guy. Third, the characters have potential. Sure, there was a lot of neanderthal "women, amirite?" going on in the pilot, but there were flashes of interesting storylines. Carter (Smith) is...



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