'Hostages' episode 2 - 'Invisible Leash': This was not the plan

The Secret Service immediately knew the president receiving the wrong drug before an operation was no accident, and the government jumps into action on Monday's (Sept. 30) second episode of "Hostages."Dr. Ellen Sanders (Toni Collette) is under suspicion after the aborted operation in last week's series premiere. She's escorted into a room and questioned. The Secret Service initially seems satisfied with her answers. Sanders seems shocked at the inference of anyone trying to do the president harm.When pressed as to why she postponed the surgery -- in which the president was supposed to die, per the assassination conspiracy -- Sanders says, "I was concerned he was not clotting properly. I called off the surgery because he would have died."When Sanders finally gets home after an exhausting day, Duncan (Dylan McDermott) awaits. As expected, he is none too thrilled with having the assassination plan foiled."Your clever little ruse has made everything more difficult," he tells Sanders.She...



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