'Castle': Does al-Qaeda want to kill Rick Castle in 'Dreamworld'?

You know things are serious in "Castle" when the mystery writer faces death -- possibly at the hands of al-Qaeda terrorists. That's just what happens in "Dreamworld." But does Castle die before the episode ends?Does Castle die?Nope.That's not a huge shock, of course. You don't typically kill off the central character in a successful TV show only two episodes into a new season. But you have to give "Castle" credit for taking the potential for Rick's death awfully far.It really doesn't sound great for Castle throughout most of the episode. He has only hours to live. Yes, the man is basically fit and healthy until about an hour before he drops dead, but it's still tension-inducing. Despite lying to Martha and Alexis, the ladies are deathly worried. They're right to be.But seriously, they're not going to kill off Castle right now.Off to Dreamworld!While the term "Valkyrie" stays a mystery throughout much of the episode,...



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