How I Met Your Mother Recap: The Long Good-bye


Let’s start at the finish: From the moment Ted cruised onto the terrace with two tumblers and an expensive bottle of shoplifted Scotch, Barney’s body language made clear this wouldn’t be the bromantic moment Ted might’ve hoped for when he composed his list of things to do before leaving New York. Sure enough, the episode left off with an uncharacteristically stern Barney saying that he saw Ted and Robin at the carousel. Granted, this plotline is tired from having dragged itself all the way from season three, but I’ve been looking forward to a reckoning between these two since Barney’s harsh words to Ted in “Romeward Bound”: “Robin’s marrying me, not you.” It appeared he was done deferring to his friend’s feelings, and though it was glossed over at the time, the boys haven’t been particularly chummy since. The previews for next week don’t look remotely serious, but I hope the writers will sensibly address the weirdness that can never entirely disappear when your best friend marries your ex-girlfriend.  Read More...


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