The Big Bang Theory: Season 2 Review Part 2

One of the things both Wolowitz and Koothrappali have in common is funny parents. Mrs. Wolowitz (Carol Ann Susi) is never, ever shown, but there's no mistaking her loud voice, yelling at her son for various reasons. It can even be of an intimate nature and she'll yell loud enough for her entire neighborhood to hear. And Koothrappali's parents are real scene-stealers. Alice Amter and Brian George, the actors who play Koothrappali's parents, should really be featured more often via the webcam setup we've come to see them from.

Wolowitz and Koothrappali may not get as much attention as their friends, but did star in a few of the episodes. Koothrappali was featured in People magazine for a discovery in space while Wolowitz got into trouble with his own space ventures on more than one occasion. The list of possible NASA-related mishaps for Wolowitz is nearly endless. I honestly can't say the same for Koothrappali. The writers haven't come up with very many compelling stories for him. He hasn't been fleshed out any better than the Leslie Winkle character.

The season conclusion wasn't particularly well done, with Penny at home, longing for Leonard to come back... from the North Pole. As I pointed out in my review for that episode, there is no need to keep these two apart. It wasn't very believable for Penny to keep her mouth shut while Leonard getting ready to leave for the summer. It seems like the writers are unnecessarily dragging this story out. The show won't die if these two should become an item.

If there's one area that the show is lacking, it's outside friends. Penny and the guys don't have any regular friends outside of their group. It looked good when a comic book store employee was introduced late in the season, but I have my doubts about the producer's plans to bring him back on a semi-regular basis.

Season two saw the writers fully embrace the fact that Kaley Cuoco and Jim Parsons have great chemistry together. Even though their respective characters don't have a whole lot in common, they were put together in some very memorable scenes. Cuoco and Parsons are great in their own right, but when put together, they truly shine.

There were many memorable moments in this season, but few come even close to the last scene in the Christmas episode "The Bath Item Gift Hypothesis" which had Penny delivering a gift to Sheldon. It was Leonard Nimoy's used napkin which he also signed. Sheldon's quivering reaction will probably stay with me for years to come. Jim Parsons is a riot and is reason enough to tune in each week.

Rating: 8.4



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