The Voice Recap: The One With Kaley Cuoco’s Sister

Sometimes, when I am watching this show, I plug my ears when the judges speak to each other. I am humiliated by proxy! Xtina, sensationalist, seems bored, like a Woman Under the Influence. Blake keeps bragging about his wins even though he definitely doesn’t care about them in real life. Cee Lo is amazing, but everyone ignores him. And Adam has launched this strange new complimentary personality in order to antagonize Blake, I think? Is he the Henry Cabot Lodge of This Is the Voice?


Ray Boudreaux, “Use Me”
I loved that Ray’s shirt was buttoned up all the way to the collar. His hard-luck backstory was that he had an adorable daughter and sometimes he made disgusting-looking sandwiches with her. They showed it in a montage. His daughter was kind of a genius, actually. She ate those sandwiches without complaint and was so good at talking. As for Ray’s singing potential, I mean, who knows? I happen to like this song a lot, although I didn’t love this rendition. Bill Withers sounds sort of bemused in the actual song. Ray sounded intensely serious. Blake and Cee Lo turned around for him and he went with Blake because he’s from Louisiana and there is no other way.  Read More...


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