'The Goldbergs' mines the good, bad and ugly of the 1980s

It's a little terrifying to think what from today's fashions we might wax nostalgic over in 30 years. Latex, nude-colored short-shorts? Crippling heels that make sense only for chiropractors?ABC's "The Goldbergs," premiering Tuesday, Sept. 24, gives a sweet look at the decade in which it is set, the 1980s. The sitcom is purposefully not specific to a year, says costume designer Keri Smith.Like every decade, there's a wide range in the '80s, from neon tights and tutus as skirts to severe-looking office wear including high-necked blouses with bow ties and constricting suits."There were so many different aspects to the '80s and so many ways to go and still feel like you had a cool look and an individuality," Smith says."There's the preps and the punk rocks and the movie icons, the Flashdancer, the Madonna," she tells Zap2it. "It made people more comfortable with their bodies because you could find yourself anywhere. Color was huge."A pastel...



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