'Sons of Anarchy' episode 604 - 'Wolfsangel' recap: The bodies are piling up

It's another episode of "Sons of Anarchy," and this one was a biggie. First thing's first, everyone take a deep breath because Tig (Kim Coates) lives to see another day! That was a rough week, waiting to see just how that particular story would shake out, because no one wants to say goodbye to Tig now or ever. In a creepy way, he's the heart of the show.All the same, Jax (Charlie Hunnam) was fine with sending his brother off to die and was surprised to learn that's not what happened. It seems Pope's men just wanted to see how loyal Jax would be to them. They're also willing to make a gun deal to void Tig's debt, if all goes according to plan, which it never does.Even though Tig lives to fight another day, "Wolfsangel" was easily the bloodiest episode of the season so far, which says a lot considering the premiere has a...



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