Lucky 7 Season 1 Review “Inside Job”

This week’s episode of Lucky 7, “Inside Job,” showed the Gold Star group beginning to deal with the onslaught of fame and notoriety that come with their big lottery victory. Unfortunately, this meant a lot of tired scenes and slow plot progression, making for a much weaker episode than last week’s premiere.

Before anything else, I feel it’s necessary to discuss the cold open, which was just a major failure all around. I get the desire to inject a bit of fun into the first moment of the episode, but it didn’t work because of the logical failings that went into the scene. For one, I have to wonder why the lottery commission wouldn’t just take the ticket when the representative first arrived, or at least at some point before the big press conference. More questionable, though, was the group’s decision to ransack the store. Did they really think Denise would hide the ticket out in the store, where anyone could find it? I’m fine with comedy, but only when it makes sense in context.



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