Criminal Minds Season 9 Review “The Inspired”

After last week’s season premiere of Criminal Minds ended with the bogus twist that the killer had an identical twin, “The Inspired” picks up with the BAU team returning to Arizona to catch the right guy.

I already complained quite a bit in the last episode review about the deus ex machina of introducing a twin character that we had no way of predicting, but this storyline got even more ridiculous tonight. So let me get this straight: They were chasing Wallace last week after the restaurant incident, and instead they accidentally arrested his twin brother who was driving around the exact same area? I might be able to buy that as a crazy coincidence, but they were all saying in the plane last week that it was so strange how little Jesse was saying after his arrest. Why would he stay silent? Why wouldn’t he say “Hey, I have a twin, you’ve got the wrong guy!” or anything like that? And upon finding out that they had the wrong guy, wouldn’t they think it was incredibly odd how quiet and reserved this Jesse Gentry guy was when they arrested him? If he’s staying so quiet after being arrested, wouldn’t they assume he was being shady? Doesn’t that sound an awful lot like obstruction of justice to you? Oh, and then he’s threatening a multi-million dollar lawsuit on top of all that? Riiiight. Sure, the lawyer also turned out to be in on it, but you wouldn’t think the BAU would be fooled by such shoddy legal threats.



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