Catfish Recap: A Facebook Spy, a Veteran … and Vanessa Hudgens?

There was a point in last night’s episode where the catfish’s identity was a toss-up between three different women. Between the name in her Facebook URL being different from the one on her page and her online pics showing three different women (plus Vanessa Hudgens?!), no one was quite sure what to think. Nev wasn’t his usual smug self about the catfish’s identity, besides the fact that it was clearly fake. The catfishee, however, was gutted over it, despite the obvious signs.


Detroit native Derek seems like a Nice Guy. A veteran, he claims to have been cheated on by both of his baby mamas (married to one, engaged to the other) while serving his country. So on top of the whole “23-year-old daddy” thing, he’s got trust issues like his name’s Drake. Still, for a guy who’s had his heart ripped out and stomped on by the mothers of his children, Derek is awfully trusting of Kristen. He loves love, this guy, and he’s found it again. He just wants to know if it’s real. “Even the elation I felt when I got married is nothing compared to this,” he says, grinning. A day later, Max will ask him how he’s feeling. Derek will say, “Like it’s all getting ready to fall apart again.”  Read More...


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