'Nashville' Season 2 episode 2 recap: Rayna's out of the hospital and starting a war, y'all

Rayna may be out of the hospital and in the comfort of her own home after her two-week coma, but the battle is just beginning on "Nashville." So what went down in Season 2's second hour, "Never No More?" Read on for the juicy, southern drama:Rayna's civil warSince Edgehill was bought out once again by a big corporation, Rayna's new boss is more business-minded than country music-minded. All Jeff Fordham cares about is the bottom line, the dollar signs, and the numbers ... and less about Rayna's fledgling label. He even goes so far as to poach Will Lexington from her after feeding her lines about having her back. Rayna decides she's had enough of corporate heads telling her how to live her life, so she decides the time is right to break away from Edgehill for good, and a civil war was born.Juliette's past comes back to haunt herIn order to drum up...



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